was born in California and Raised in Hawaii.
He served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps from 2012 to 2018. In 2017 Alex moved to Brooklyn, New York. Currently, Alex is a candidate in the Masters in Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts class of 2022, he lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

His practice is a process of journeying within and exploring the inner interdimensional labyrinths of the soul. Dissecting spiritual, emotional, and the visual content of dreams, memories, and experiences, he discovers source material for visual manifestations of poetic psychocosmologies. His practice has expanded into digital animation, video art, and recently sound art. He hopes to combine and mix multiple mediums into a psycho-spiritual alchemy.



M.F.A Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts
New York, NY

(In Progress, class of 2022)

2020 B.F.A. Design
School of Visual Arts
New York, NY

2017 A.A. Liberal Arts
Kapiolani Community College
Honolulu, HI

In the Wake of Slumber / Paradice Palase 2021

SVA MFA Fine Arts Spring 2021 Open Sudios

/ Virtual

SVA MFA Fine Arts Fall 2020 Open Sudios

/ Virtual

SVA Motion Portfolios 2020 / SVA 2020

BFA Advertising & Design Spring Show / SVA Gramercy Gallery 2020

APEX 2020 Typographic Showcase / SVA BFA Design Building 2020

Latinx Influences / SVA BFA Fine Arts Building 2020

Funk Raiser / 3RD Ethos Gallery  2019

Hopping The Fence / SVA Gramercy Gallery 2019

BFA Advertising & Design Spring Show / SVA Gramercy Gallery 2019

KCC Student Show / Koa Art Gallery 2011

Mirrors of Life / Ong King Arts Center 2008


SVA Sketchbooks Series